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  • The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only. So as to alert the ISP of loopholes on their network at the same time sharing it until its fixed.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the best competiting network in Nigeria and its just struggling to be the best with the likes of Mtn,glo and 9mobile. But the only problem about every network is their loopholes which can be found in them,there by leading to free internet.Thats why bloggers like us see the needful to unveil these loopholes to their various ISP network and at the same time share it for others who utilize it at the moment.


Free internet tweaks are tweaks which are caused by loopholes found in various network provider’s network.

As we all know,no one on earth is perfect. Same goes for top network providers who provide various data plans for a huge sum people worldwide. Those imperfections are loopholes in their network which leads to free Internet.


  1. It can be used as a source of back up
  2. It can be used to do assignments online
  3. Surf(browse) the internet unlimitedly

You could benefit from all this till the ISP fix the loophole which causes this tweak to work in their network

So in today’s article I am going to show you guys how to surf(browse) the internet for free using handler method on any airtel ng network.

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Tweak requirements

  • An android phone
  • 3g/4g airtel Sim with good network connectivity and 0.0KB data balance
  • Opera mini 754 handler which you can get by clicking the download handler button below
After meeting with the above

Download opera mini handler using the download button above.

After Open the handler app and input the child protection code

Entering the child protection password is to ensure personal internet security but you could change it to your personal password later

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After inputing the child protection code configure the settings according to the list that follows

  • Tick✔ remove port ☑
  • Proxy type: Real host☑
  • Proxy
  • Save and start browsing for free

Or you could follow my screenshots below

Then tap save to start browsing for free

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