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The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only. So as to alert the ISP of loopholes on their network at the same time sharing it until its fixed

   We are back with another free internet tweak for our visitors from Nigeria but this time we are going to use stark method in order to get free internet in their ISP on the Mtn network. Just to be clear our previous Mtn Nigeria cheat which uses Tweakware method is still blazing hot and many of our users are enjoying it currently but as for our Ghana members, our tweak using 24clan method has been blocked but it will be updated soon with a new host but you can join our telegram channel by clicking here to get a working ehi file right now for mtn Ghana.


    Stark reloaded is a tunneler vpn advanced from the famous stark vpn which enables you to browse the internet privately and at the sametime it can be modded using working hosts to get free internet, thats what I am going to show you in this post of how to get free internet on mtn nigeria using stark method.

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  • Simple UI design
  • Easy to navigate tweaks
  • More stable and faster connection than tweaware
  • Easy to use interface.


  • It Saves some of your Internet subscription expenses
  • Due to its fast servers you can browse and stream anything at a speed close to 100KB/s
  • Do assignments

And so much other benefits.


  • An android phone.
  • 0.0KB Mtn Sim with 3g/4g network connectivity.
  • Modded VPN which can be gotten by clicking the download VPN button below
The download link is locked so
You have to follow the steps 
below to unlock it.


Follow the instructions carefully and read till the end

  • ~Tap on the download VPN button above or click here 
  • ~You will be prompt to subscribe to our YouTube channel @JOSHDELIGHT in order to unlock the link. Kindly follow the screenshots below to unlock it.

Complete captcha and proceed

Complete captcha and click on proceed

Click on unlock linkTap on unlock link after waiting for 13secs

Click on subscribeClick on subscribe

Subscribe and click the notification bellKindly subscribe,click the bell icon and go back to unlock the link

Click on get linkClick on unlock after going back

Download your apkDownload your apk and follow the procedures below


  • The purpose of locking the file is to make it tedious for hackers to steal the link and to support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel
  • Please stay subscribed and I will change the format of file protection.


  1. ~Install and open the VPN
  2. ~Enable your mtn mobile data with 0.0KB balance
  3. ~Under the tweak section select MTN 50MB Daily and connect
  4. ~Enjoy

 For more transparency sake see the screenshot below of a person that we shared this tweak to in our telegram channel 

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