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The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only. So as to alert the ISP of loopholes on their network at the same time sharing it until its fixed

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Now back to the topic. Welcome to JOSH DELIGHT once again a site about tweaks and gaming.

You might be aware that we posted about how to get free internet free internet on Airtel Nigeria and its currently blazing and working.

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And we are currently into how to get free internet on MTN Ghana for our Ghanian visitors.

Before I go into details I need to explain what free internet actually is.


Before knowing what free internet is, first we need to look into the two words free and Internet

Free is something obtainable without any payment while internet is a global place where information are stored for confidential,entertainment and other purposes.

Adding the meaning of those two words, free internet is a term used to describe obtaining access to a global place(The Internet) without any payment.


As we all know , nothing is perfect in this life, same goes for network providers. Those imperfections are loopholes found in their network thereby leading to free internet.

So as a DISCLAIMER!!!⚠⚠ The information contained in this post is for eduacational purposes only. To alert the ISP about the loopholes in their network at the same time sharing it for people who utilize it at the moment until its fixed


  1. For doing assignments
  2. To surf the Internet
  3. To download files
  4. For entertainment purposes(streaming videos on YouTube , playing games online e.t.c)

And so much more till the loophole is fixed.


  • An android phone
  • 3g/4g mtn Ghana tweak with good network connectivity
  • Modded VPN apk which you can get by clicking the Download vpn button below


Follow the instructions carefully and read till the end­ 

  • ~click on the download V­PN button above or click here 
  • ~The download link is locked so you will be prompt to subscribe to our youtube channel @JOSHDELIGHT to unlock it. Follow the screenshot below to unlock it
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="click on subscribe">
click on subscribe
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="after subscribing go back ">
After subscribing go back
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="when it shows completed click in get link">
when it shows completed click on get link
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="click on get link again">
click on get link again
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="link unlocked">
Hurray!! link unlocked click on scroll down
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="click on go to link">
click on go to link
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="tap on redirect now after the countdown">
Tap on redirect now after the countdown
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="tap on go to link">
Tap on go to link
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="download your vpn file">
Download your vpn file


   Kindly complete the above instructions to proceed further to the procedures for better understanding.

  1. ~Download the modded VPN after subscribing to our YouTube channel to unlock the download link
  2. ~Allow installation of unknown resources in your settings to install the VPN , if already allowed continue with your installation
  3. install the apk and Configure the VPN according to the screenshot that follows.


  • Its for Ghanaians and its limited to only 50MB per day
  • If the VPN stops working come back to this site to re-download an updated version. I.e we will keep updating this post with the latest versions of this vpn with refreshed tweaks.
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="select united kingdom as your location">
select united kingdom as your location
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="select MTN GH|50MB daily">
select GH|MTN 50MB daily
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="Hit connect and enjoy free internet access">
Hit connect and enjoy free internet access

Thats it. For more transperacy check the screenshot below of a person that we shared this tweak to in telegram.

<img src="screenshot.png" alt="transperacy proof on how to get free internet">

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