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The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only. So as to alert the ISP of loopholes on their network at the same time sharing it until its fixed

So I have been posting about games lately so I decided to post something different about how you can gain free internet access on your Mtn NG network using tweakware method.

Tweakware has been around for quite some time now dominating over other VPN services in the global market with a whooping sum of 1million+ downloads this past few years of its arrival. Its a nice VPN to be frank with a friendly connection interface and nice design.

Its also known by many for its ability to gain free Internet access using loopholes found in various ISP networks.

This tweak works on all MtnNG Sims so you don’t need to worry about the tweak being Sim selective.

This tweak is for JoshDelight’s visitors in Nigeria who utilizes the Mtn network.

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Some Features of Tweakware

  • Simple UI design
  • Easy user interface
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fast connection

And so much more

Benefits of using this tweak

  • Do online assignments
  • For entertainment purposes(stream videos on YouTube e.t.c)
  • For other online purposes

All these are the benefits of using this Mtn0.0KB tweak until the loophole is fixed.

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  • An android phone
  • Tweakware VPN
  • Mtn ng Sim with 0.0KB balance
After meeting with the above 

Download tweakware VPN through google playstore or you could download it through the link that follows;

After downloading tweakware VPN open the app and change the none under select tweak to NEW MTN NG 0.0KB FREE 2


NEW MTN NG 0.0KB FREE 2 is the only working tweak panel and it works for only Nigerians and its limited to 50MB per day.

Also read;

See screenshot proof below

<img src="screenshot.png" alt="proof of connection to get free internet access">

Ask your questions in the comment section down below.